Frustrated With Arguments, Eye-Rolling and Teens Who Don’t Listen? 

You Don’t Have To Be…

Use These 5 Easy Steps To Happier Communication With Your Teen

  • Create a Better Relationship in Just a Few Hours even if your teen barely talks to you
  • Use Your Smartphone To Uplevel Your Parenting with our simple tips
  • Listen so Teens will Talk and talk so your teen will listen to what you have to say
  • Create Positive Triggers to Improve Your Parenting in simple, easy ways

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About Us...

When my oldest son was 13 or so, I remember fantasizing about sending him to boarding school for a year.

He was a good kid, but I was completely unprepared for raising a teenager. One day, during a frustrating argument, I said to him, “I am so DONE with you.”

I’ll never forget the look of astonishment and pure pain on his face. I had always been the person he could count on to make him laugh, rides to soccer practice, help with school, amazing birthday parties, late night talks, the best brownies, book suggestions, and really… everything. If he couldn’t count on me to love him– even when he wasn’t at his best– who was left?

I realized I had to change and change quickly. A passionate learner, I dove into every book and program, studied brain development, sought out mentors and experts, prayed and meditated and spent hours upon hours listening to my kids and their friends. Along the way I created strong, happy relationships with my kids, learned how to solve problems and built a family culture that my kids adored.

With five sons and one daughter, we faced new challenges every few weeks. As the first parents of the digital age, we often found there weren’t many answers. Still, we continued to search for solutions. Our world is changing at a pace our grandparents couldn’t have imagined. As parents, WE MUST KEEP UP.

People noticed our success with our kids and asked for advice, but we didn’t feel truly qualified to coach other parents (more about that below) until we discovered The Life Coach School and learned advanced tools to solve any problem.


What Other Parents Have Said
About Working With Us

“Erik and Michelle are so inspiring—they are unbelievably wise, experienced, funny and down-to-earth all at the same time. It was so fun and uplifting to learn from them and ask questions of more experienced parents. Today’s teens (and in our case tweens) are faced with more challenges than their parents ever were and the opportunity to learn from deliberate parents who are just a few steps ahead was invaluable. Some of the best money we’ve spent all year!”

Alicia & Dustin Schick

“I would like to thank the Lehnardts for their calm, loving, sensible, advice their class offered.  We were entering a lot of unchartered territory with our 12 year old son and felt that each session provided lots of good tips and tools to get through the next 6 years with love and patience.  I would recommend this class to anyone who has a teenager to raise.  I also appreciated the face to face sessions where we could discuss specific issues and problem solve together.”

Emily Walton

“Make no mistake – this will not be the easiest or most popular way to parent. But if the goal is mindful parenting that enables the family to truly enjoy one another, I doubt there is a better resource available. I am thrilled that the Lehnardts are sharing this with the world!”

Lesley Logan

Michelle & Erik helped me through challenging teenage years and beautifully held the space for me to find solutions to strengthen my relationship with my teenage daughter. I have gained an increased awareness of what I create in my life and have learned how to get the results I want. I feel incredibly grateful for my time with Erik & Michelle.”

Natalie Green

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