The Perks of Coaching

Can I tell you a secret? Pinky promise you won’t tell? As a life coach, my main goal is to help people gain confidence, reclaim their time and health and feel happier.

Because of that, I actually get to talk about powerful, life changing tools and techniques all day. And as a result I gain confidence, reclaim my time and health and feel happier. 😄 It reminds me of when I taught aerobic classes and got to work out 3x a day. 😂💪🏼

It’s a privilege to spend time with people, to start to understand their hearts, to help them get rid of the thoughts that are hurting them and find more happiness in life. It’s a beautiful perk of the job. ❤️


I have so much faith in you. I have so much faith in your teens. You’ve got this. 👊🏼