Treat Yourself Right

You’ve worked hard, you should treat yourself, right? 🍩🍰🍫 Do you find it funny that it feels wise to treat yourself with a handful of chocolate chips and yet it’s a bother to write down a few things you’re grateful for? 🤦🏼‍♀️

Most of us have been conditioned by society to think that certain foods and activities are a treat and other things like exercise and affirmations and vegetables are a chore.

Just look at all the advertising yelling, “Treat yourself!” or just the things that people say reflexively, “Oh you’ve had a hard day let’s get an ice cream.” The idea of managing our emotions with food is everywhere.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t eat ice cream. It’s my birthday this weekend and I plan on having a really good piece of cake. 🎂🥳But I know I’m treating myself much better when I eat nutritious foods most of the time.

Just start noticing that reflex to treat yourself with things that aren’t good for you and then respect yourself and love yourself and treat yourself better. 💪🏼 Switch it up in your brain as much as you can. When you crave a treat, think about doing things for yourself that increase your health and your happiness.

Next time you crave chocolate chips, think of it as a reminder to take your vitamins. Instead of a cupcake, take a minute to stretch out that sore muscle. Replace your cravings with things that truly increase your wellbeing and you’ll feel healthier and happier every single day. ❤️😄