One of my favorite sounds in the world is the soft rumble of the washing machine, the dryer, and the dishwasher all running at the same time. 🏆

And this morning, when Xander missed his bus and I drove him to the University of Utah in standstill traffic, I took satisfaction in the knowledge that all that work was going on at home without me. 🧹
Did you know historians consider the washing machine one of the greatest inventions of all time? Primarily because washing machines freed the working class from simply living in a state of survival. It’s pretty cool to think about all the good that came from this one invention. I wonder how many of the advances we enjoy in the modern world came from people who once washed clothes and dishes all day long. There’s still plenty of housework to do. So much. But we also have so many choices.

We are at such a crossroads today where technology can help our families flourish or take us down a path to apathy and/or addiction. Sometimes I’m amazed at the thought that all the ambition of generations before us can lead to the privilege of sitting on the couch in my warm, beautiful home watching Netflix. 📺
And I like Netflix (especially the Great British Baking Show) but I also feel like it’s our responsibility to keep adding to this wondrous world, to keep raising the standard of living for everyone on the planet. And for us, that’s a vision of families where parents and teens have flourishing communication and excellent relationships; a family so resilient they can weather any storm. ⛈

Because storms come to every family. And tears. And mud.

I’m really grateful for my washing machine.