Have you noticed that we simultaneously expect too much from teens and then treat them like they are little kids? •

If you think about it, only the rental car agencies and car insurance companies have it right. They know our brains don’t fully develop until age 24 or 25. Maybe we need to give our kids a break. Maybe we need to offer compassion and understanding that their brains are still developing. •

Teens don’t always make the best decisions. But learning what works and what doesn’t is an important part of brain development. Your kids are meant to fail. And you are meant to be there to teach them and help them along the way. •

It’s totally OK to have high expectations for your teens as long as those expectations are balanced with a high level of love and support. •

I’m almost 50 and I need some sort of excuse that my brain is still developing. 😂 I make so many mistakes every day. I hope people offer me understanding and compassion for my many faults. •

Maybe you feel this way too? You can offer your kids the kind of compassion you would like to receive from the world. ❤️