CALLING ALL PARENTS: Sure, we all love the extra hour of sleep on Sunday due to the switch to Daylight Saving Time, but did you know the three weeks following DST show a significant increase in car accidents, depression, cardiac events, stroke and suicide? •

The disruption to our sleep rhythms and the lack of feel good afternoon sunshine affects people both mentally and physically. So keep a careful eye on your teens this week. If they are tired or sad, assure them that it’s normal and they will be OK. •

Try to find ways to get your kids out into the sunlight. It can be difficult – – my teenagers have a rehearsal until 5:30 PM today and the sun sets at 5:20 PM. Encourage your kids to walk home from school or eat lunch outside. And try to get outside on the weekends. •

Give them a little extra love and care and, take advantage of all those hours of darkness to get a little more sleep. Our bodies need it. But your teens need it even more. 😴

Give those cute kids a hug. It’s not easy being a teen.