When my oldest became a teenager I expected far too much from him, overreacted to small problems and didn’t have a clear plan for the future. 

One evening my husband Erik said to me, “You act like you don’t even like him.” 😞

That was a HUGE wake up moment for me. Look how cute he is? How could I have been so mean and impatient? 

In truth, I was overwhelmed with a busy family, feeling insecure about myself and confused by different opinions on how to parent well. 

Erik and I dove in, learned everything we could (there IS a right way to parent) and we’d love to share everything with you. We’ve poured our heart and soul into our Parenting Workshop and we’d love to save you YEARS of frustration and thousands of dollars. 

And our oldest son? We have a FANTASTIC relationship and he’s doing incredibly well. Still, I can’t look at this photo without wanting to go back in time and give that cute kid a hug.