the superbloom

No good effort as a parent is ever wasted. ❤️ Have you seen photos of the #californiasuperbloom?

These are just a few photos I took with my phone when we joined thousands of other people who pulled to the side of the road, spilled out of their cars and and just started walking into these glorious mountains covered with miles and miles and miles of wildflowers. California just received the most rain they’ve had in 25 years and the earth has exploded with beauty.

When you get up close, it’s remarkable how each flower is a work of art and yet there are so many blooms they are showing up on satellite images in space.

As parents, we plant a lot of seeds. We put in so much work that seems thankless and sometimes we have years and years of drought. But remember, every single seed is waiting under the surface and one of these days it will bloom with a beauty far greater than you could ever anticipate.

I have so much faith in you. I have so much faith in your teens. You’ve got this. 👊🏼