You are worth the time

Confession: I’m always telling my coaching clients they need to believe they are worth the time the energy and the effort. But I just saw something in my own life where I haven’t been doing that.

I have a bad back. I had a serious injury a few years ago and I have degenerative arthritis. It’s just fine if I do certain things. One of those is a 15 minute Pilates routine that I can do in my basement every single day. For the past several weeks my back has been acting up and everything in my life life has been much harder. But I felt like I didn’t have time for my Pilates routine. 🤦🏼‍♀️

I had an aha moment on Sunday and I’ve been doing the routine every day since. And guess what? My back is feeling a lot better.

It sounds so stupid. Why did I think that all the other things that needed to get done are more important than feeling good? And I think it’s pretty obvious to see that I wasn’t helping anyone around me by hobbling around in pain.

So often we think our goals are selfish. You might feel like it’s selfish to take the time for positive affirmations and a gratitude journal. You might feel like it’s selfish to take the time to cut up fresh fruits and vegetables for yourself. You might feel like it’s selfish to go on a beautiful walk outside and leave the dishes sitting in the sink. Fun fact: the dishes will wait.

You might feel like it’s selfish to be a happier, stronger version of yourself. Trust me. It’s not. ❤️ You are loved. You are worth the time. ❤️